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English Teacher
Tuesday, March 12

Hello , everyone, My name is Melissa . I am a mother of 4-year- old boy . His name is Oliver. I am here for knowing someone who has experience of teaching English before. I do want to have an English teacher to teach him at home (PS: not online teaching ). Our location is in Putuo District . I prefer twice a week. Oliver's English lever is good .He can read and write, and can also use English to talk. He also can understand you and follow your instruction very well. His ex-English teacher is from USA. and now he has his new business so that is why I really need someone to take over his job. We have had textbook "Poptropica English 2" . We had finished Lever 1 already.

As you know, finding a right English teacher is not easy. I want he /she has passion , energy and also be stable.

Native speaker is prefer. Only want to hire foreigner. Thank you for your time. I am pretty sure you will have a good time with us.

If you want to know more detail please let me know. I will replay as soon as possible.

  • English native speaker is prefer
  • Passionate and energetic, love kids and vivid teaching style
  • You do not have to speak Chinese
  • If you can use Englsih to teach Math, Language, Logical or Reading That would be wonderful 
  • Responsibilites
  • Salary is negotiable.
  • Twice a week. Each time is 1 hour 
Melissa Studio

You also can add me wechat to know more . add me: 136 1199 6912 Melissa

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