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Monday, September 09

Seeking educators who enjoy teaching English to Chinese students 4-15 years old and adults too. Just 25 teaching hours a week (5 days per week). No office hours required. No pressure, arrive at school 20 minutes before class and leave when finished.

We are also seeking creative/talented educators who play a musical intrament, dance, sing or perform. These positions will be based on experience and over and above teaching.

We like to encourage teachers to explore their talents and enjoy their time with us.


Teachers are required to develop a curriculum for their students that fit their style of teaching and the needs of their students. Free-thinking is encouraged. Must be open-minded, flexible, responsible and charismatic with a positive personality.  Must have university degree and cleared background check.  Work Visa is provided to qualified applicants.  Native English speakers are considered high priority.      

Fulltime 2019-09-09 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2019-10-07
Qi Cheng Education English Training School

Opened since 2013, we are a boutique family owned/operated English language and performing arts center in Shangrao City (Jiangxi Province).

In October we are opening a 1,300 m2 Education Center that will house English classes, performance/stage room, music lessons, singing classes, dance instruction, and culture classes.

English lessons are taught in small groups of no more than 10 students. Our core competency is pronunciation (via phonics), reading comprehension, listening, and speaking. Students are placed in classes based on their proficiency. Our core competency is pronunciation (via phonics), reading comprehension, listening, and speaking. Students ranging in age from 4-15 so teachers have the freedom to create and present their own lessons in accordance to their teaching styles, personalities, and level of their class.

We are very openminded and seek creativity in our teachers.

QiCheng is not a franchise or large corporation, we are family owned and very hands-on. What really sets us apart is our relationships with our teachers. We are very close to our teachers and consider them family. We are American and Chinese owners so we understand what it is like living/working abroad and will help you adjust to your new home.

We encourage you to inquire and welcome the opportunity to answer all your questions.

Thank you for your consideration.


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