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English Tutor
Tuesday, October 08

Teachers must teach at the student's home at least once or twice a week. Teachers must be responsible for the class materials and lesson plans provided by HiiiClass. Each lesson and necessary materials should be printed for the students. The tutor sessions range from 1hour to 1.5hour.

Payment: 1hour / 240rmb. 1.5hour/ 360rmb. (Depending on the teacher's experience, the payment can be higher than the salary provided.)

English teachers that are interested may also sign up for Chinese courses at a discount price with HiiiClass's partner company EET&HAO.


  • 1 -2 years of experience teaching English at a school or a training center
  • At least a six-month commitment
  • Be aware and patient of the student's level and respect the Hiiiclass staff and student's parents 
  • Willing to provide feedback for the parents and share suggestions with HiiiClass about the student's ability
  • Show up on time to the student's home
  • Be fun, outgoing, and friendly
Internship / Parttime 2019-10-08 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2019-11-05

HiiiClass is an English tutor company that provides Chinese student's opportunities to learn English at their homes from foreign teachers. HiiiClass provides all lesson plans and materials for the teachers. The students range from 3 -- 18 years old. The levels of students range from beginning level to advance, with some international students.

The company's main purpose is to see the students improvement after they finish each coursebook. Optional tests will be provided for the student's every three months to see whether the students are reaching their highest potential and the teachers are providing the best English services.


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