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English Teacher Headhunter
Wednesday, August 16

As AnyHelper has cooperated with lots of tech, investment companies, hotels, teaching agencies and international schools, we need a lot of job candidates.

Pretty easy and only online. Kind of promoters but for jobs.

  • Utilize the social network or AnyHelper promotion channels to find job candidates, if your candidates are recruited, you will get a commission fee equals 10% to 20% monthly salary of the candidate.(E.g., to introduce a normal kindergarden teacher, you can earn around 3000 yuan just by recommendation)
  • You can also apply the jobs yourselves. If you are recruited, you can also get the same commission fee.(If you are looking for teaching job, either parttime or fulltime, you will definitely get a benefit!)
  • We also have office renting, apartment renting, event tickets sales work for freenlancers.(As team members, you can get discounts for these)
  • Only online. One task, One Pay
  • Social person with a lot of contacts, and connections on social media, like WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook etc
  • International background

AnyHelper is an internet company whose mission is to help people who go abroad live as conveniently as locals. The current product of AnyHelper is a real-time question and answer system combined in wechat to help foreigners connect with local services and local info in China. The most important service of AnyHelper is to connect expats with local jobs. AnyHelper has cooperated with ZTE, DMM, Huawei, NakedHub, Sherpa's and lots of luxurious hotels and teaching agencies to provide good jobs.

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