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Published Wednesday, June 24 and refreshed on Wed, Jun 24
  • 及时而专业地应答来电。
    Answer the incoming telephone calls promptly and professionally.
  • 准确记录预订与电话信息。
    Takes accurate reservations and phone messages.
  • 热情而专业地接待顾客。
    Meet and greet guests in a warm/friendly and professional manner.
  • 引导顾客就坐.
    Escort guests to their allocated table.
  • 根据顾客提出的要求提供相应的帮助和信息。
    Guide guests through the venue and provide any assistance/information as required.
  • 严格执行关于客户管理和预定的标准流程
    Follow Villa Le Bec’s standard procedures for guest management and bookings
  • 通过热情专业的聆听建议和服务专递积极的餐厅形象,提高顾客满意度。
    Manage guest satisfaction and convey a positive image of the restaurant through professionalism, listening and advising
  • 在营运过程当中确保顾客流的平稳,合理安排餐厅各区域的预定。
    Keeps control of the flow of business into the restaurant; distributes the guests evenly to each station to avoid overloading at one particular station
  • 管理并更新客户消费信息和客户档案
    Provides information concerning the concept and promotional activities of the restaurant and Hotel to guests.
  • 很强的责任感,团队合作精神热情,有礼貌,愿意帮助同事及客人
    Performs duties common to all Captains and Waitress and other duties as may be assigned.


  • Good presentation, dynamism, sense of service, keen eye for detail and hospitality, passionate about wine and gastronomy.
  • At least 2 years of full-time work experience in the field of F&B.
  • Speak fluent Chinese and basic English, Speaking French is better.
  • Educational background: Graduated from F&B.
Fulltime 2020-06-24 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-07-24
Villa Le Bec

Villa Le Bec/Epicerie&Caviste Le Bec/Grand Comptoir Le Bec
Villa Le Bec is a French restaurant founded by chef Nicolas Le Bec. It is located on Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai. A Beautiful Villa from 1924, located under the old plane trees from Xinhua Road, and with an exclusive private garden in the heart of Shanghai. Now we have two other restaurants and bars on Xinhua Road: Epicerie & Caviste Le Bec and Grand Comptoir Le Bec.

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