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Coding Mentor / Teacher
Wednesday, August 30

Launch Phase: You will prepare and run coding workshops in Shanghai on topics such as:

  • Code a landing page in 2 hours with Bootstrap
  • APIs for beginners
  • Git and Github
  • Web components in CSS
  • Technical workflow in startups
  • Javascript for beginners
  • During 3 to 5 days a week, you'll teach programming and web-development to a class of 10 to 20 entrepreneurs learning ruby, HTML/CSS/javascript and ruby on Rails
  • From 9am to 10:30am (1h30): You will make a lecture on various topics (ruby basics, Database & SQL, Rails, frontend). We will give you slides and videos to prepare
  • From 10:30am to 5:30pm (5h30): You will help students on their coding challenges. Most of the time, students will be autonomous (when they read challenge's instructions, try to understand what they have to code and implement a first solution). Still, they will need your help when they don't understand an error or some important concept
  • From 5:30pm to 7pm (1h30): You will make a live-code to correct new challenges with the class projecting your screen on the wall

We will give you all the material (lesson, exercises, challenges) to help you prepare and run the classes. At the end of the bootcamp, during two weeks, you will help students code their MVPs (define their user-stories, split tasks, collaborate on Github with their team, and ship great products). Here is a testimonial of a lead teacher. It will give you an idea of what the job looks like!

  • You have 3+ years of experience in Rails
  • You have a lean approach and like to code meaningful MVPs
  • You are used to working with startups
  • You have a good level of oral English
  • You are very confortable with git/Github and collaboration techniques
  • You love teaching code and have natural leadership
  • You love clean code and refacto without being an extremist of TDD
  • You are not reluctant to frontend dev & design and you are up-to-date in frontend development. You think great products also come with great design. You master Bootstrap and know how to use it properly
  • You are familiar with Sublime Text, Github, Slack, Trello, Waffle..
Le Wagon

Le Wagon is an intensive, full-time 9-week bootcamp that teaches creative people to code the startup way. Our curriculum is full-stack web development from Back-End (Ruby on Rails) to Front-End (HTML,CSS, JavaScript and various libraries).

Le Wagon is a community of 1,200+ alumni, in 19 different cities across the world. Ask any student about Le Wagon, they’ll tell you one of our main strengths is our community, one of the best tech communities in the world. Alumni with diversified backgrounds (engineers, journalists, architects, designers, marketers…) are chatting every day on Slack, questioning our teaching staff, sharing tips, resources, code gists, job offers and news on their products.


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