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Blockchain Developer
Tuesday, December 04

Basic Description:

A blockchain developer will be responsible for developing projects that interface directly with various blockchains and blockchain powered applications. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of major chains ( BTC, ETH, ect. ) a general understanding of how block chains are structured, and an understanding of how to interface with them through CLI and RPC. Experience creating and working with smart contracts would be a plus.


 Basic Qualifications:

  • Solid understanding of at least 1 programming language. ( PHP or Node preferred. )
  • Basic understanding of SQL
  • Experience working with linux and docker
  • Experience with blockchain technologies
  • Understanding of Wallet RPC calls and JSON responses
  • Able to work with major chains through the command line

Additional Qualifications:

  • Experience working with major established blockchains
  • Experience working on financial platforms
IT Resources ( Shanghai Branch)

IT Resources (ITR) is one of China’s foremost IT service providers and system integrators. Since 1996, ITR has been a preferred IT partner for a wide range of blue chip multinationals operating throughout China. Today, it acts as a long-term IT partner in China to global MNCs and many of the world’s leading hotel chains for the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of their IT systems.

C2CX is a China-based 3rd generation digital asset exchange dedicated to providing liquidity, security and advanced functionality. C2CX is targeted towards traders and entities seeking to digitize their src/assets by using blockchain technology,making them both easily transferable and trackable on the Skyledger.

Currently C2CX supports trading in bitcoin, ether and ether classic. C2CX is currently in the process of helping to launch skycoin, a digital currency powering the new distributed internet.

Many earlier exchanges in the digital currency space failed due to a lack of liquidity. C2CX was designed from the offset with a built-in market maker to prevent this from happening.


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