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iOS and Android Developer
Wednesday, November 07

We’re looking for a local Chinese full-time iOS and Android developer who has experience developing beautiful mobile applications. The ideal candidate is a seasoned developer who is comfortable with both Objective C as well as Java, and you have released at least one app on both the Apple App Store and any Android store.

Fluency in English is not a requirement, but we believe it is important that you at least a basic grasp of written English in order to fully understand our content and the services that the SmartShanghai website and apps offer to our users.

Send a message below introducing yourself and some of the projects that you have previously worked on.


Experience in..

  • developing using Objective C (iOS)
  • developing in Java (Android)
  • implementing designs from PSD/AI files.
  • efficiently calling an API and processing the responses.
  • working with image files; including resizing/optimizing, sending over HTTP, lazy loading etc.

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