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Blockchain Engineer
Wednesday, June 05

A blockchain developer will be responsible for developing projects that interface directly with various blockchains and blockchain powered applications. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of major chains (BTC, ETH, ect.) a general understanding of how block chains are structured, and an understanding of how to interface with them through CLI and RPC. Experience creating and working with smart contracts would be a plus.


  • Solid understanding of at least 1 programming language. (PHP or Node preferred.)
  • Basic understanding of SQL
  • Experience working with linux and docker
  • Experience with blockchain technologies
  • Understanding of Wallet RPC calls and JSON responses
  • Able to work with major chains through the command line Additional


  • Experience working with major established blockchains
  • Experience working on financial platforms
Jun 5, 2019 Shanghai

People sometimes ask what's the secret to C2CX.COM's success. The answer is obvious: People! C2CX.COM has the most talented, hardworking and passionate teams of the world.


At C2CX.COM, we don't only work - we believe what we do is a life changing career not only for us, also for all humanity! We do whatever it takes to get whatever needs getting done. C2CX.COM believes in leveraging people to their strength. We can't guarantee we always have an opening for your particular skill set, but if you are good, we usually try hard to make you a seat in our rocket ship.


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