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Lifestyle Editor
Tuesday, April 11
SmartShanghai currently has an editorial position opening for the position "Lifestyle Editor". The job involves lots of website administrative duties, writing and editing editorial content, and maintaining professional ties to the related professional community in Shanghai.

Your areas of focus are education, fashion & shopping, health & fitness, and community. The right person will be creating original editorial content, devising editorial direction, as well as maintaining contact with clients and handling day-to-day website operations -- i.e. website administration.

The ideal candidate is someone with a professional background in writing and editing, and / or someone with a background in the aforementioned industries.

In addition to the editorial and administrative capacities, the right candidate will be working to promote the brand directly in the Shanghai professional community -- networking and managing social media.

Ideally, you should have a bulging contact book and a head full of ideas. Your writing needs to be fast, sharp, and often funny. HTML experience is a plus. We’re looking for a native English speaker with conversational Chinese, and probably a few years in Shanghai under their belt.

This opportunity to take up arms in the front lines of online nu media comes with a resident visa, a pretty decent salary, and the freedom to develop your writing and portfolio...
Education: We're looking for native English speakers who are over-educated in the areas of Journalism, English Lit, Asian Studies, Poli Sci -- something like that. You should have some sort of impressive degree.

Language: You should be able to speak conversational Chinese.

Experience: We're looking for people who have lived in the city for a bit and have Shanghai-specific writing credits that they can show us. That would be great! But if you've got super impressive writing credits from elsewhere, hey, that works too.

Bonuses: It would also be great if you have one of those expensive SLR cameras and know how to use it.

SmartShanghai is Shanghai's best English-language webzine and city guide. Its irreverent and independent writing, comprehensive venue and event listings, and regularly updated content attracts over 14,000 unique visitors every day. At SmartShanghai, you'll work in a small team with native English-speaking editors, graphic designers, and account managing business types. We're at the heart of Shanghai's online media;

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