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Listings and Directory Manager
Monday, March 25


Someone to wrestle with, tame, nurture and grow our Directories. That means Health, Education, Community and Business directories, which are in various stages of maturity. Your role will be Directory Ninja, responsible for everything related to directories, including: building and maintaining relationships with the businesses, schools, health providers, and community groups that are listed, often in person; researching, creating and updating editorial descriptions of the venues already in the directories; finding and creating new entries to help make the directories comprehensive; using your knowledge and directory expertise to generate story ideas for other writers; and liaise with the sales team to help monetize the directories, where applicable and appropriate.

This is not a writing role, but it is attached to the Editorial team, and will report to the Managing Editor. It requires someone who has a positive attitude and is able to get along with the SmSh Team of Misfits; the role will require cooperation with every department, from Editorial to Art to Developers and Sales.


  • A decent salary: 15k net plus bonuses for Directory performance
  • Transfer of work permit and visa to our company if you currently have a valid work permit and residence visa
  • Flexible work hours, early birds can start earlier and leave earlier.
  • A fun work environment. We are a small team of weirdos who enjoy mining the city for interesting content and then telling everyone about it. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do work hard
  • A downtown office. We are a couple blocks from IAPM. Tons of lunch options
  • Potential (occasional) writing opportunities, if you have time after handling directories. (But this is NOT a writing role.)


  • You have a mind for systems and get satisfaction from building organized structures. A touch of OCD is welcomed
  • You have lived in Shanghai for more than a year
  • You are bilingual in Chinese and English. It doesn’t matter which is your native language as long as you can communicate to a professional level in the other one
  • You are outgoing and not afraid to meet people. This role involves a lot of meeting people and coffee dates
  • You are curious about the other people in this city and want to pigeonhole all of them in neat little categories that are searchable online for other people in this city
  • You want to join a growing team that is full of ideas for expansion
  • You know who we are



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