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Wednesday, October 09
  • Reviewing all the texts of the game and define a tone. You will need to know idiomatic expressions and the nuances of the language a non-native speaker may not know
  • Translating the intentions and vision of the Directors into words
  • Defining the tone of the game and the brand by building up a glossaire and editorial guidelines
  • Writing guidelines to be shared with different disciplines involved in content creation so game designers can write the text related to their features more efficiently
  • Providing or reviewing texts that are integrated in-game or in marketing .material and review and adapt already existing content that will be used in the future
  • Ensuring that all reference documents are up to date
  • With the various production teams, supervising the integration of narrative content into the game


  • Native English speaker, familiar with American pop culture
  • Like play casual games, HOMESCAPES, GARDENSCAPES, Matchlington users are preferred
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Rigorous and team working skills
  • Provide part-time time of three days or more per week
Internship / Parttime 2019-10-09 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2019-11-06

Established in 2009, MYBO LIMITED is a local company specializing in boutique European and American leisure mobile games. The company has a very dynamic and energetic young team.

The company is one of Google's officially certified global Top Partners. Its game products have been recommended by Google's official platform. Some of these works have been rated as global recommended games by the App Store and Google Play many times, and ranked first in the App Store Free list. Up to now, we have more than ten successful iOS and Android platform games, and the products have more than 10 million users worldwide.


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