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Sales Associate
Wednesday, April 19
  • Reporting to: General Manager
  • Availability: full time for 4 to 6months
  • The primary purpose of this role is to approach target prospects on behalf of our clients to quality their interests
  • The secondary purpose is to promote Zhaoliang Sales Generator to existing and new prospects to work with us as an independent sales force
  • The third purpose is to attract independent sales agents in the renewables and construction industry; train them to be productive and motivate them to promote our solutions
  • Establish initial contact or arrange face-to-face meetings with international companies via callings or networking events
  • Proactively promote and present the Clients products or solutions
  • Assist the relationship building and management with prospects or clients who are senior executives
  • Research online, in database or chamber directories to identify targeted prospects to approach
  • Manage the details in a secured cloud based CRM
  • Manage social media channels on LinkedIn, WeChat, Email Newsletters
  • Performance based cash bonus on completion of the internship
  • Reimbursement on transport and meals for client meetings and networking events
  • 10% sales commission
  • International work environment; flexible working schedule
  • Mentorship from the General Manager and Board of Advisors
  • Full-time employment opportunity upon successful completion

This is a full-time internship role; it's both a channel to help grow the business and a stepping stone for the intern to develop the company culture to become a Sales Manager or an independent sales agent.

This is a role for a natural networker and people oriented individual; someone who loves to communicate and interact with others and is at ease selling and dealing with objections from demanding and successful people.

Domestic travel will be very limited as the role requires a local focus to network in Shanghai.

The interns need to be independent and self-motivated as they are expected to manage their own time and make decisions with their own judgement. Learning by doing and from making mistakes are encouraged.

Zhaoliang Sales Generator

Zhaoliang Sales Generator is a managed network of independent sales agents that serves foreign SMEs across sectors to generate sales and extend market reach. Our agents are prodigious networkers and expert key account managers. We can mobilise within weeks which saves time and creates focus; we work with Forbes Fortune 1,000 companies, reputed institutions and prodigious networkers.

China remains an attractive territory to enter or expand. Yet, with the rise of employment cost, companies are looking for lower cost alternatives such as appointing independent sales agents to increase sales.

Independent sales agents are experienced and has got existing network of clients. They are commission driven and don’t need fixed amount of salary.

Zhaoliang has established nationwide sales network (100 independent sales agents and the number is growing) and is based in Shanghai. We strong believe that the best sales people are independent, and we wholeheartedly believe in teamwork, transparency and inventiveness.


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