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Market Research
Monday, November 13

If you’re the hard working, fun loving, travel lusting, music appreciating, food hunting, booze drinking (kidding! or not…?) type, you’ll fit just right in!

  • Someone based in Shanghai
  • Detail oriented
  • Knows how to handle stress like a pro
  • Great at time management
  • Self-motivated and disciplined – we work from different locations frequently
  • Internationally minded
  • MUST be fluent in English & Mandarin (written & spoken) with Cantonese a plus
  • Responsible, fast-learner, resourceful, articulate, chill & calm
  • Well presented and well groomed – we face people all the time
  • Not high maintenance
  • Not precious

Please send us your photo and English resume!

Intuition Group

We are A small team of culture interpreters, language unicorns, music hunters, food hounds, thirsty travellers. The bridge between consumers and brands. A boutique marketing consulting firm that will open doors for you, broaden your horizons. Want to travel to new places and feel the pulse of people and places and getting paid well for it? Meet people from different walks of life and understand the deeper meaning of their culture? Stand shoulder-to-shoulder and work with the best minds in the industry? Work from the comfort of your own home with an efficient and strictly no BS team? Work in a completely transparent company where you get involved in every single step of the process? How do we do this? We work hard, play hard, eat hard and enjoy a good whiskey, an inspiring conversation and a smooth vinyl We’re passionate about what we do and we live our life dynamite-ly We are detail-oriented, we believe the devil is in the details, because we are those devils We embrace difficulties with grace and wit, problem solve at the speed of light and bring client service to another level We manage our time and operate as efficiently as a Japanese train schedule We keep our communications quick, to the point and open We cut through the humdrum and the mundane and thrive in the interesting and exceptional

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