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Business Partnership Manager
Wednesday, December 05
  • Seeking third-party business collaborations and partnerships to advance the Sherpa’s brand, facilitate growth, and increase orders and sales
  • Following the Sherpa’s developmental plan with the marketing team to formulate and implement plans of action and marketing strategies. Coordinating with the business development team to advance offline marketing collaborations
  • Taking into account product and customer requirements, holidays, special events, and other considerations to plan and organize events and campaigns to expand and improve the company’s reputation, standing, and influence
  • In charge of tracking and following up on the results of marketing campaigns and events; tracking and regularly summarizing budget and ROI; and maintaining or adjusting event formats to create the most suitable marketing campaigns


  • Minimum undergraduate degree and 3 years of working experience. Candidates should have experience making and implementing marketing plans and campaigns.
  • Fluent oral and written English language skills. Candidates should be familiar with the demands of international customers as well as Chinese clients who have returned from overseas. Both international and local candidates are welcome
  • Rich experience working on online and offline marketing events and campaigns. Able to independently plan, promote, and execute marketing plans and strategies
  • Passionate worker who is goal-oriented, ambitious, attentive to details, full of team spirit, and able to work well under pressure. Candidates who have industry connections and experience working with foreigners will be prioritized
Sherpa's Food Delivery Service

Sherpa’s Food Delivery was established in 1999 with a mission to provide bilingual food delivery services to hungry expats. Fast-forward to today and Sherpa’s has served more than million customers across Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou and is well known for our excellent, friendly service. We pride ourselves on working hard to deliver your favourite restaurants to you.

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