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Management Trainee , Sales & Marketing
Monday, April 15

It’s as much a mission as it is a job. You’ll assist a senior executive who will be your mentor and manager while supporting you throughout the program. Your tasks will be varied and unique. You could be asked to create a local marketing campaign, or cold calling a potential business partner, or even getting hands-on experience on closing a potential lead. As long as the basics are met, the possibility to grow with us is limitless.


  • Customer orientated, service focused
  • Aboard experience with Chinese heritage Fluent in both Chinese and English, verbal and written required
  • Team player with the mentality to win
  • Bachelor degree required
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The innovative approach to problem-solving
  • Aspirations to pursue a dynamic, global career
  • Working visa provided for foreign passport holders 
Protostar EDU

Protostar Education is a member of the locally founded Beyond EdTech Limited, providing a sustainable and high-quality education to our next generation. With the help of online live-streaming technology and a gamification approach, we connect our best teachers in USA and children all around the world in live classes and an online learning platform with a solid and joyful learning experience.

Protostar literally refers to the ‘childhood’ in the life cycle of stars. Stars at this stage continuously absorb surrounding energy, preparing themselves for a bright future.

We sincerely believe that each student is a ‘Protostar.’ With the full support from Protostar Education, every student can freely explore the world, appreciate global culture, and become a world citizen with the world’s lingua franca, English. Proficiency in English empowers your child to choose their path and to become a dazzling star across the night sky.

The founding members of Protostar Education are from the University of Hong Kong, Rice University, Harvard University, Peking University and China Central Academy of Fine Arts. The benefits we have garnered from an international education background repeatedly remind us of the importance of English in improving children’s international competitiveness. As parents ourselves, we understand the anxiety parents encounter since we all hope for our children to be proficient in English.


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