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Business Development Specialist
Published Thursday, May 21 and refreshed on Thu, May 21
  • Identifying business opportunities, collaborating with management on business strategy to determine objectives, evaluating current business performance and maximizing business reach and potential.
  • Conducting research to identify new markets and customer needs.
  • Responsible for developing new trading advisors and expanding the market reach in the target market. Providing follow-up service to trading advisors and giving feedback to the company, maintaining the relationship between trading advisor and company.
  • Have a good understanding of the products/services and be able to advise others.
  • Discuss promotional strategy and activities with the company.
  • Collaborating with the company on the key trading advisor service process and system, formulate the management rules and track trading the status of trading advisor.
  • Promoting the company’s products/services and addressing or predicting customers’ objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate industry trends and customer drivers by researching industry, other company and related events, publications, and announcements and meet regularly with the management to discuss strategy.
  • Build long-term relationships with new and existing customers.


  • At least 2 years’ experience in the cryptocurrency industry, and have a very good understanding of cryptocurrency as well as relevant products.
  • Experience in developing trading advisor is preferred.
  • Strong communication skills and excellent interpersonal relationship management ability, with driving force and strategic thinking ability.
  • Ability to motivate performance, guide and coordinate the team.
  • Japanese or Korean native speaker


Fulltime 2020-05-21 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-06-22
Deep Code Europe OÜ

Coin&Coin ( is a VFAs (or also known as virtual financial assets, cryptographic tokens or digital tokens or cryptographic currency) trading platform operated by Deep Code Europe.

This is a convenient and efficient platform, providing a full range of online customer service to solve all kinds of problems for users anytime and anywhere. It has different social features from any other platforms; you will be accompanied by an experienced trading advisor who will communicate and discuss trading strategies and techniques in real time; community functions continue to output quality consulting so that you can understand the market changes right away on your phone; continuous information updates to help you improve in the trade, become a trading legend!

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