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Associate Creative Director
Monday, June 19

The Associate Creative Director will be responsible for creating engaging content for both LearningLeaders internal and external clients. The Associate Creative Director will:

  • Work with the Creative Director to craft engaging content such as narrative and lesson videos and videos of events
  • Generate new engaging content ideas and execute on­ them
  • Execute social marketing initiatives – WeChat, Instagram, Facebook
  • Manage relationships with third-party service agencies and freelance designers to ensure any outsourced work is consistent, high quality, cost-effective

A successful Associate Creative Director will demonstrate initiative, integrity, and the desire to inspire. Ideal candidates for the include those who possess:

  • Passionate curiosity and a love of learning
  • A track record of impactful leadership positions
  • Open mindedness to new ideas
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop and Illustrator
  • At least two years experience working with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Quick wit and a sense of humor
  • Native Mandarin skills with good oral, writing and reading English skills
  • Basic video production including audio and lighting skills a plus
  • Knowledge of Chinese social media platforms, trends and marketing practices a plus

E-mail us your resume and video showreel at


At LearningLeaders, we believe that everyone has the right to be heard, respected, and understood. Through creating and sharing superior communication and leadership experiences, we can enable lifelong learners to create positive and sustainable impacts in their own communities.

Our expertise encompasses the disciplines of debate, public speaking, and critical reasoning. We currently focus on sharing our expertise through face-to-face coaching courses, with an online learning component. Each course meets once per week, with additional preparation work required from each participant on the LearningLeaders Online Learning Center (OLC). Once ready, participants then are able to join debate and public speaking competitions as well as travel internationally to compete in these events.

Our coaches guide learners to develop, enhance, and apply exemplary communication skills. There is no such thing as a typical LearningLeaders coach. The LearningLeaders team, currently with 11 full-time partners, hails from three continents and six countries. A diverse group of former teachers, bankers, marketers, customer service experts, debate coaches, and friendly vagabonds, LearningLeaders partners all have one attribute in common: we delight and inspire.

Our alumni view public speaking as a delightful, effortless, and valuable activity. As an organization we do not directly engage in ‘application consulting’ or ‘admissions consulting’ for promising youth. With that said, LearningLeaders alumni are represented at many top U.S. boarding schools and colleges. In 2016 alone, debaters working with LearningLeaders coaches won the honors of National Champions of Parliamentary Debate in China and Finalists in both the High School and Middle School Division of the National Public Forum Debate Championships.

Our goal is to become China’s foremost organization focused on the development of communication and leadership skills through immersive learning experiences. In just two years, LearningLeaders has grown from just an idea to the most successful debate and public speaking coaching organization in China, both by tournament results and by number of participants in weekly practice sessions. But we are just getting started. And we need your help.

Our next step is to grow the hub of imaginative learners and coaches that we have developed. We still have a long way to go here in Shanghai. We still have a long way to go in China. But our vision is even bigger. By leverage immersive VR technologies, we will design the most impactful learning experiences developing communication and leadership skills available anywhere. And better yet, we will make them available to anyone.


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