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  • My Butchery Table

    • Address
      1/F, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu
      瑞虹路188号1楼, 近天虹路
    • Phone
      156 9212 1887

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  • Pizza Marzano (Ruihong Lu)

    • Address
      1/F, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Hongguan Lu
      瑞虹路188号1楼, 近虹关路
    • Phone
      6538 0987

    This pizzeria has changed its name to Pizza Express, then decided to change it back to Pizza Marzano in 2016. They hew to the more authentic, thin-crusted Roman and Neapolitan pies. One of their specialty is the Peking Duck, Beijingese roasted duck on thin crust with... Read more

  • Element Fresh (Ruihong Tiandi)

    • Address
      Ruihong Tiandi, 1/F 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu
    • Phone

    Chain of restaurants serving broad, international cuisines particularly suited to lunch. Quality ingredients and good service. One of Shanghai's longest running mainstays. Read more

  • Cou Cou Hot Pot (Ruihong World)

    • Address
      Ruihong World, 2/F, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu
    • Phone
      6501 8882

    Popular Tawainese hot pot with spots all over town. This one is located at Ruihong World, Hongkou. Read more