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  • Avocado Lady

    • Address
      274 Wulumuqi Lu, near Wuyuan Lu
      乌鲁木齐路274号, 近五原辂
    • Phone
      6432 7381

    The Avocado Lady is not an urban myth, but to many expats is one of Shanghai's urban legends. Her store is ever gaining in size and produce, what she doesn't have she can order. Her store is regularly stocked with fresh mints, herbs, tropical fruits, cheese, olive... Read more

  • Swiss Butchery (Wulumuqi Lu)

    • Address
      86 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Anfu Lu
      乌鲁木齐中路86号, 近安福路
    • Phone
      5223 5629

    By popular consensus, Swiss Butchery's one of Shanghai's better providers of meat. They stock fresh (non frozen) beef and veal from Australia complimented by a large assortment of pork, lamb and chicken cuts. All with oversight on the whole supply chain, ending up... Read more

  • Laura's Import Shop

    • Address
      68 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Huashan Lu
      乌鲁木齐中路68号, 近华山路
    • Phone
      131 6638 0421

    Imported grocery shop selling meat, cheese, milk, Marmite, Pop-Tarts, cat food, marshmallows, liquor, wine, beer, and personal care items. Read more

  • Madeleine (Wulumuqi Lu)

    • Address
      243 Wulumuqi Lu, near Wuyuan Lu
      乌鲁木齐中路243号, 近无缘路
    • Phone
      6432 5513

    French bakery and pastry shop. Read more

  • Kate Wood

    • Address
      336-338 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu
      乌鲁木齐中路336-338号, 近复兴西路
    • Phone
      3469 1368

    Multi-brand lifestyle boutique opened by Dutch-owned designer brand Kate Wood. They mainly sell handmade bamboo bikes and wooden watches and sunglasses, but they also stock clothing and bags made by local designers. Read more

  • Culture Matters (Wulumuqi Zhong Lu)

    • Address
      206 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Wuyuan Lu
      乌鲁木齐中路206号, 近五原路
    • Phone
      186 2192 4198

    Also known as CM Feiyue, this chain of sneaker shops is the main retail outlet for the Shanghainese shoe brand that dates back to the 1920s. They've got a long history of being actually kind of all right shoes, a particular favorite among wushu practitioners. The... Read more

  • Heelz

    • Address
      126 Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu
      乌鲁木齐南路126号, 近永嘉路
    • Phone
      177 1792 1139

    Acclaimed boutique shoe shop, selling its own premium footwear brand that has a bit of a cult expat following thanks to its fashionably urban designs and its high comfort. Founded in 2014, Heelz (formerly Read more

  • Astory Flower

    • Address
      1/F, No. 6, Lane 85, Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu
      乌鲁木齐南路85弄6号1楼, 近永嘉路
    • Phone
      136 8192 4547

    A flower shop near Hengshan station that offers flower arranging classes. Read more

  • An Ko Rau 0

    • Address
      243 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Wuyuan Lu
    • Phone

    An Ko Rau is a Shanghai sport and lifestyle brand that produces both outdoor and indoor sportwear. Read more