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  • Lego Flagship Store (Shimao Festival City)

    • Address
      Shimao Festival City, 1/F, 829 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu
      南京东路829号1楼, 近西藏中路
    • Phone
      5386 0217

    Read more

  • Daiso

    • Address
      4/F, 755 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Lu
      淮海中路755号4楼, 近瑞金路
    • Phone

    Japanese variety-store chain famous for selling housewares, toys, stationery, decorations, bento supplies & gifts for 10rmb. Read more

  • Qkuts (Hubindao)

    • Address
      Hubindao, 3/F, 150 Hubin Lu, near Ji‘an Lu
      湖滨路150号3楼, 湖滨道购物中心, 近吉安路
    • Phone
      5309 8277

    Qkuts is a Kids-Only Hair Salon, Nail Spa, Toy Store, and Spa Party Venue, committed to the highest safety and cleaning standards, works with specially trained hairdressers and Western guest hairdressers in a 100% kid friendly environment. Qkuts makes the dreaded... Read more

  • Hi Panda

    • Address
      Tianzifang, 240 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
      田子坊泰康路240号, 近思南路
    • Phone
      6466 7009

    Chain store selling clothing branded with the cartoon Hi Panda-- hipster-ish clothing started and designed by local designers. Read more

  • Fanthful

    • Address
      156 Zhejiang Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu
      浙江中路156号, 近福州路
    • Phone
      189 3047 2577

    "Pop Culture Imports" shop dedicated to all the accoutrements, doohickeys and thingummies associated with pop culture, otakudom, games, film, TV and comics. Batman figurines, Assassin's Creed t-shirts, N7 hats, Rick & Morty mugs, NES-shaped backpacks, and more on the... Read more