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  • Parkway Health Shanghai Centre Medical and Dental Centers

    • Address
      Shanghai Centre, 2/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
      南京西路1376号, 上海商城2楼, 近西康路
    • Phone
      400 819 6622

    Parkway is an entirely reliable way to see a doctor or a dentist in Shanghai. No waits, English-speaking, foreign-trained staff operate out of six locations in Shanghai. This is the one at the Portman Center. There's a doctors surgery that's good for all minor... Read more

  • Zen Massage (Wuyuan Lu)

    • Address
      No. 1, Lane 210 Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu
      五原路210弄1号楼, 近乌鲁木齐路
    • Phone
      3368 1227

    Zen offers an all-around experience where they pay special attention to little details. Expect a calm atmosphere, zen-like environment and small touches like fresh orchids, unique oils, to accompany their indulgent 4-hands massage (among other treatments they offer). Read more

  • Ringside Boxing & Beyond (Huaihai Zhong Lu)

    • Address
      4/F, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
      淮海中路283号香港广场4楼, 近黄陂南路
    • Phone
      185 1612 5622

    Ringside Boxing & Beyond is a boxing gym & wellness concept located in the heart of Shanghai. They offer group classes taught by a close-knit team of local and international coaches, with a great atmosphere and community that welcomes beginners and professionals... Read more

  • Ringside Boxing & Beyond (Nanjing Xi Lu)

    • Address
      3/F, Momao 580, 580 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu
      南京西路580号魔贸580商场3楼, 近成都北路
    • Phone
      185 1612 5622

    Ringside Boxing & Beyond is a new boxing gym & wellness concept, located in the heart of Shanghai. With a wide array of group classes taught by a close-knit team of local and international coaches, the gym offers a great atmosphere and community that welcomes... Read more

  • Yuan Spa Hyatt on the Bund

    • Address
      Hyatt on the Bund, B1/F, 199 Huangpu Lu, near Qingpu Lu
      黄浦路199号B1楼, 近青浦路
    • Phone
      6393 1234

    Yuan Spa covers over 3,000 sqm of recreational and wellness space including 12 spa treatment rooms, a 24hour fitness centre, swimming pool, whirlpool, steam and sauna rooms, a beauty salon and a juice bar. Also has parent and baby swimming lessons. Read more

  • Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center

    • Address
      1418 Wuding Xi Lu, near Jiangsu Lu
    • Phone
      186 0167 3340 (Chinese) / 183 3633 1234 (English)

    The Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center was established in 2018 by Master Yan’an. The center provides an environment for people to practice the Shaolin concept of helping people to improve their general quality of life through physical and mental health. Courses available... Read more

  • Subconscious Day Spa (Fumin Lu)

    • Address
      183 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu
      富民路183号, 近巨鹿路
    • Phone
      6415 0636

    Subconscious is a chain best known for its massages but also does facials, nails, body treatments, medical manual therapy, and waxing. They also house studios for classes like yoga, meditation, and even belly dancing. Service and amenities go above and beyond to set... Read more

  • New Star (Minhang)

    • Address
      Lane 258, Jinhui Nan Lu near Hongquan Lu
      金汇南路258弄, 近虹泉路
    • Phone
      3432 0777

    This is one of the nicest-for-the-money bathhouses in Shanghai. Korean style, you get to strip and splash around in hot rooms and cold pools (sex segregated) and then move upstairs where there are huge rooms of armchairs to relax, plus these little heated igloos to... Read more

  • Jiahui Health(Jing'an)

    • Address
      Dongyi Mansion, 88 Changshu Lu, near Changle Lu
      东艺大厦, 常熟路88号, 近长乐路
    • Phone
      400 868 3000

    Jiahui Health is a series of clinics providing family medicine and specialist medical services. The Jing'an branch is the first clinic to be opened by Jiahui in April 2016 and currently has family medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, ENT, eye, dentistry, and psychology... Read more

  • the clinic

    • Address
      Suite A501, 5/F, Bldg B, 118 Jiashan Lu, near Yongkang Lu
      嘉善路118号B栋5楼A501室, 近永康路
    • Phone
      3368 8801

    This is a high-end physical therapy, sports medicine, and wellness clinic. They use Western and Eastern practices here, and have TCM and orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, and... Read more

  • 3NTRY

    • Address
      B1/F, 500 Yunjin Lu, near Longqi Lu
      云锦路500号B1/F, 近龙启路
    • Phone
      177 0211 2398

    The resurgent Mansion, described as a 'cultural hub' combining electronic music culture and a sustainable lifestyle... whatever that means. It has 4 dance areas, an LED screen, lasers, and a FunktionOne sound system. Opened in June 2019. Read more

  • Shanghai Skin Disease and STD Clinic

    • Address
      196 Wuyi Lu, near Anxi Lu
      武夷路196号, 近安西路
    • Phone
      6183 3107

    STD Clinic that will check you out for all possible STDs. Expect to pay about 250rmb to check everything except HPV and Herpes, which will cost you an extra 400rmb or so. It's a Chinese public hospital, so the prices are much lower than at a Western place, though you... Read more

  • Cheersum Bathhouse (Putuo)

    • Address
      430 Caoyang Lu, near Caoxiong Lu
      曹杨路430号, 近曹雄路
    • Phone
      5258 6660

    Palatial bathhouse with seven floors of pools, hot-tubs, hot-stone rooms, oxygen rooms, pass-out-in-front-of-a-TV-watching-action-movies rooms, a small gym, a game room with a pool table, a hotpot restaurant, and one of the nicest rooftops in Puxi, where you can lay... Read more

  • SinoUnited Health (Shanghai Center Clinic)

    • Address
      Shanghai Center, Suite 601, West Tower, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
      南京西路1376号, 上海商城西峰601室,近西康路
    • Phone
      400 186 2116

    SinoUnited Health is in the business of preventing adult disease through diagnosis and non-surgical treatment (for patients aged 14 and up). Here physicians have been trained in both China and abroad, to provide treatment for diabetes, gout, bronchitis, indigestion,... Read more

  • Yu Massage (Xinle Lu)

    • Address
      2/F, 218 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu
      新乐路218号2楼, 近东湖路
    • Phone
      5403 0013

    Spa chain with venues in Jing'an, Xuhui and Huangpu, offering professional massages. It's decked out with a Chinese-style courtyard and it's just swimming in the scent of natural flowers, aroma oils and specially brewed jujube tea. They've also got aromatherapy on... Read more

  • SkinCity 5.5 (Dagu Lu)

    • Address
      476 Dagu Lu, near Shimen Yi Lu
      大沽路476号, 近石门一路
    • Phone
      6340 1235

    SkinCity 5.5, a modern day spa, focuses exclusively on skincare with international standards and techniques. The interior design is urban chic with a subway theme to match their concept of helping guests get to "Destination: Wellness". Facial treatments use Babor... Read more

  • Golden Gloves (Wuding Lu)

    • Address
      4/F, Huaqi Building 969 Wuding Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu
      武定路969号华棋大厦4楼, 近胶州路
    • Phone
      6733 7257

    Golden Gloves opened their new location in October, featuring a space several times bigger than their previous spot on Xiaoqiao Lu. The gym was originally founded in 2012 by Shane Benis and Alfonso Cuadra. Benis is also behind White Collar Boxing and Brawl on the... Read more

  • New Star (Tianshan Lu)

    • Address
      1900 Tianshan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
      天山路1900号, 近延安西路
    • Phone
      6259 7771

    Read more

  • Dragonfly (Xinle Lu)

    • Address
      206 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu
      新乐路206号, 近东湖路
    • Phone
      5403 9982

    Dragonfly is the westernized spa chain sweeping Shanghai with its assortment of foot/shoulder/body massages as well as nail treatments. Massages here are far gentler than the average walk-by Shanghainese foot rub place, the rooms are always dark and quiet and the... Read more

  • Floatasian Float Spa

    • Address
      Unit A, Bldg 5, 2/F, 288 Dagu Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu
      大沽路288号5号楼2层A室, 近成都北路
    • Phone
      6385 5189

    Located in the city center, Floatasian is a luxury Swedish floatation spa offering stress relief and relaxation. The tanks are all imported from Sweden, and they're filled with salt water that's kept at body temperature so you can float comfortably. Read more