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My Weekender is a weekly column written by changing authors selected from the Shanghai community. According to the various tastes, interests and backgrounds of its authors, My Weekender serves as a window into what residents in the city are doing with their time off.

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[My Weekender] with Daniella Lopez

Mar 30, 2012

Daniella Lopez is the new intern at SmartShanghai, so she's up here running stuff. You got any questions or concerns, you want to query, you want to niggle, you talk to to her.

My weekend isn’t supposed to start until Saturday morning when, depending on the possible existence and level of hangover, I will either be online ordering pancakes from Sherpa’s or going for a jog in order to avoid embarrassment during the upcoming 8k Jinqiao Race. Usually its ordering pancakes but this Saturday will be different because on Friday I’m using all of my willpower to resist the call of the wild Shanghai nightlife. I need to have my wits about me Saturday morning because jogging, just about anywhere in Shanghai, puts you in a precarious and high-adrenaline situation. As I’m carefully dodging the middle-of-the-sidewalk people I always seem to forget about the silent, electric mopeds that sneak up and nick me in the heels.

Saturday afternoon I plan to make my way to Wendan Lu, “painter’s street”, to peruse for art since my apartment still has the personality and minimalistic taste of the 60-year-old Chinese lady who lived there before me. Luckily, I have Creative Hunt editor, Frankie, to recommend some good places to hunt for art and broaden my artistic palette. Hopefully, I’ll find myself a few good pieces so I can later enjoy the Vihls Solo Show at Madga Danysz's newly reopened space, MD Gallery.

Saturday night some friends and I might check out the VOID party at Shelter before heading to see what all the fuss is about over Afrojack. I’m not sure what to expect but after listening to some of his music on YouTube, I fully anticipate leaving slightly deaf and significantly lighter due to severe water loss from moving my hands around like I’m a DJ, karate-chopping the air. Now is as good a time as any to check and see if I might have epilepsy. My night rarely ends without a visit to my late night noodle lady on Huaihai Zhong Lu where I will try to practice my Chinese phrases, hopefully without accidentally insulting her again.

Sunday, if it’s nice out I will inevitably find myself brunching at Kommune in Tianzifang for the cheap western breakfasts that, when combined with fruit juice and a light breeze, can cure any hangover. If it’s raining out, then I’ll be at 1919 Bistro because it’s near my apartment and they give you coffee with your breakfast. If I’m feeling extra lazy I will have Sherpa’s bring me Wagas.

Sunday evening I find myself without obligations so after another light jog I’ll go scout out a local DVD guy and buy whatever English-speaking movies he has to offer. I just hope that when I put it in the Xbox it won’t be recorded from someone’s cellphone or dubbed in Chinese. Next week’s Qing Ming holiday means I’ll be acting as though Monday and Tuesday are a continuation of the weekend, which means the happy hours at Morton's and Crocus come early this week.

Bye-bye. Zaijian. Hasta la vista.