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My Weekender is a weekly column written by changing authors selected from the Shanghai community. According to the various tastes, interests and backgrounds of its authors, My Weekender serves as a window into what residents in the city are doing with their time off.

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[My Weekender]: Kimberly Wong

Feb 24, 2012

Kimberly Wong does corporate marketing for AsianBiz during the week and event planning and jewelry design on the weekends. She currently runs the Designer's Corner at Jiashan Market and is often likened to an energizer bunny--happy and loaded with battery power.

Friday rolls around and I'm rip-roarin' ready for this weekend. I tie up all my loose ends at my job doing marketing for AsianBiz. It's pretty cool, considering our client base is 99% expat entrepreneurs in all different industries. My primary function is to help AsianBiz build a community within and across all eight business centers. Challenging? Yes. Fun? Always.

But now my weekend "jobs" are calling! I've got a meeting to head to with my friends Gerard and Amelia at Gerard's newest restaurant, Toro Loco. We're setting the groundwork for new markets that will start in April. Keep your eyes peeled for those (cough cough!) Ambassy and Waima Lu (cough cough!).

Then my friend Q texts me--she wants me to come along to KTV. I am game, although a bit bummed that I left my four tambourines (which I carted all the way from Japan) at home. We head, wait for it, to Gubei!? To my avail, K's is one of the best karaoke places I've ever been to. I very appropriately do my Whitney tribute. Ouch. There's still a little blood in my throat from that one and I'm very publicly hoping no one got that on video.

When I get home, I make sure I've got all my bags packed and ready to go for the morning. I had picked up signs from Copyboy on Xizang Lu earlier in the week for Saturday's Jiashan Market, which I run with Amelia. The concept behind it began as locally-grown produce and western foods you miss from home. I got the chance to come on board back in October and expand the market when there was overwhelming demand for local designers to get their chance in the spotlight. In the midst of that, I got anointed organizer of the Designer's Corner. I like to say it's a platform for people to raise brand awareness, test market, and gain joint media coverage (and yes, I'm always searching for more designers). We're doing one this Saturday. You should check it out. [Ed. Note]: Details here.

We have a lot of buzz going on, thanks to Weibo! Well at least for my account! ...more than 20 "retweets" is a lot! We’re on 10-3 or 4ish. Come check us out! Major props to Cafe Sambal for letting us take over the second floor.

I am also a jewelry designer so I set up my own booth. I have to say (in a total non-shameless self-promotion sort of way), the newest Cukimber collection has got it going on! At night I head with my friend Jeni to the soft opening of Adam's to hangout with Lalas. Dig the crowd! Go home around 12.

Sunday mornings are my usual pre-committed time to shop at the wet markets for veggies, or sourcing for my jewelry line at the Dongtai Lu Antique Market. I Love the stones you can find there! But not today. I've got volunteering to do and I head with Lee-Anne, Executive Director of Second Chance Animal Aid, to their project all the way up in Baoshan. Even though I'm kind of tired from the day before, nothing is more relaxing then having 3-4 cats in your lap purring. I vault onto the metro and transfer only to miss my stop by two stops because I've been sketching new designs for Cukimber in my notebook. I make a couple of bracelets, and head over to Hummingbird Boutique to drop them off and then get a nightcap Dark & Stormy at Bounty.

I head home, utterly exhausted but completely happy. Looking forward to the rinse and repeat next weekend.