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  • Hologram Dreams 全息梦境

    "A voyage from funk into the future…" DJs Heatwolves and Finascia take Dada's dancefloor on a hyperloop journey from City-Pop, Italo Disco, and Chicago...
    Nightlife | Dada

    Kurt Dunsing: Clown Syndrome

    You might recognize Kurt Dunsing’s haggard face from the China International Comedy Competition finals or from all the cheap bars around town. 70rmb.
    Nightlife | Comedy UN

    Eating Music feat. Talonehead

    Beatmaker group "talonehead" from Taiwan. Consists of three musicians: “Conehead”, who set foot on earth from the remote planet Remulak; “Klone”, a...
    Nightlife | Yona Cafe