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  • Carcass

    British extreme metal legends Carcass return to Shanghai at Mao Live. One of the most influential and revered grindcore bands of all time, their recent reformation has seen the Liverpool four-piece headline metal festivals all over the world, and release new music -- Surgical Steel (2013) -- which sees the band embracing a death metal direction.Tickets are 280rmb on SmartTicket.
    Nightlife | MAO Livehouse

    S.T.D. Presents | Ryan Hemsworth

    Great booking by S.T.D., as they bring in the young Canadian chillwave / hip hop / indie pop / R&B producer Ryan Hemsworth. His music sounds kinda like a children's coloring book version of a Lil Wayne album. He's produced for Lana Del Ray, Danny Brown, and Frank Ocean. Great producer. Check out his Soundcloud for a taste. Tickets are 100rmb at the door, or 60rmb pre-sale. Goes from 10pm-late. Support from Fader One, Donn, and SSOSO.
    Nightlife | Arkham

    Explicit Fridays

    TURNT UP on commercial hip hop / R&B / dancehall bangers and champagne. Hip Hop Hijack have been running this sweaty, crowded party for about the past five years, starting at Zeal, then moving to Geisha, and now at Monkey. Music is basically what you'd get at a mainstream hip hop club in the US -- Jay-Z, Wiz, Rick Ross, Rihanna, and new one-hit wonders like "I'm in love with the Coco..." Music by veteran Shanghai DJs B-Kut and Kommi. Deal is free entry before midnight if you email, otherwise it's 50rmb including a drink. Starts at 10pm and goes late.
    Nightlife | Monkey Champagne