The latest technological advance in SmartShanghai's ongoing war to stay on top of new venues opening up around town, The Radar is a weapon of mass diversion, pinpointing the buzzed about bars, clubs, and restaurants in Shanghai, giving you strictly the facts. Zip zap.


Shiva Lounge rides again! The new home for deep tech-house all night errrynight opens up in the space where Amber used to be.

Oct 11th 14, by Ian Louisell

Bottega Mozzarella Bar

Austin Hu has teamed up with the mozzarella lady for a little mozzarella bar and pizzeria in XTD. Blessed are the cheese makers...

Sep 11th 14, by Justin Fischer

uDance Radio Vinyl Club

It's Boiler Room vibes in a renaissance HK café at this music-centered watering hole/radio station in Jing'an.

Aug 29th 14, by Ian Louisell


The guys behind UVA are going all modernist art with a new lounge/wine bar/cocktail lounge concept on Xinle Lu, right downstairs from...

Aug 27th 14, by Justin Fischer


88 Bar gets reincarnated as Diva - "your new favorite." Checking out the new club at the global crossroads that is Changle Lu/Fumin...

Aug 15th 14, by Ian Louisell

Estado Puro

Spanish celebrity chef Paco Roncero teams up with Barbarossa and plants a flag in Xintiandi. A look inside his modern tapas chain.

Jul 8th 14, by Justin Fischer


Willy Trullas Moreno goes back to the basics with his newest resto: a casual, colorful and quirky new tapas bar in the Taixing Lu...

Jul 4th 14, by Justin Fischer

Black Pepper

Lots going on in this new enclave off Taixing Lu. Our first stop: a new prix fixe Turkish restaurant from the guy behind Pasha and...

Jun 26th 14, by Justin Fischer


Flux capacitor fluxing... The guys behind metalhead bar Inferno go back in time to the golden age of rock n' roll with a new cocktail...

Jun 20th 14, by Justin Fischer


The conquest of Three on the Bund continues. Celebrity chef Jean Georges is back again with his first ever Korean barbecue concept.

May 20th 14, by Justin Fischer