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Not Me

Jul 2, 2009
by Morgan Short

Area: Not Me is at 21 Dongping Lu, west of Hengshan Lu. Right across the street is Azul and Vargas Grill, and further east at the corner is Sasha's and Zapata's.

Right around the corner is all your favourite Hengshan Lu bars -- Love Baby Club, Club Love Hello, Club Hello 7, Sexy Love Baby Club, Baby Love VIP, VIP Love, Love VIP Hello Baby... basically all your favorite places.

What is it: Not Me used to be a "talking bar", but it's recently come under new ownership (an Indonesian coming to Shanghai via California, this is his first venture in Shanghai). Said ownership is looking for a decided change in direction for the place, and they've enlisted the services of one-half of local rock promoters S.T.D.

Said promoter is taking his own background in DJing, promoting, and throwing parties in Shanghai, and organizing an events line up that appeals to a more specific demographic (younger expats / Chinese), and reflects his own musical background and predilections. Officially launching not this weekend but the next weekend, Not Me is reaching out to local independent promoters and DJs for new music-orientated parties, appealing to both the "rock" and the "club crowd." Plans also are in the works to make overtures to the local visual arts / fashion community for events tie-ins. For now, expect special events, monthlies, and weeklies anchored around the gamut of electronic music. Emphasis on the new shit. They're also committing to indie rock as well, if you can imagine such a thing.

So Not Me is one part club (a pretty alright dance floor, new sound system, lights) and two parts lounge. Size wise it's comfortably large -- two lounge areas bisected by the main bar -- but not a full on club. It doesn't feel cramped (although I guess that would depend on the specific party) but there's some good intimacy as well. Good for hanging out on couches with friends and also good for getting mashed.

Atmosphere: The future as envisioned by someone living in the 1970s. Pretty neat. Pastels and circular shapes. It's looks like the seduction lair of the Sex-bot 3000. When you first walk it, it comes across as a higher end lounge-type place, until they start in with the fog machines, lights, and projector, and then it's kind of spaceship-like.

Damage: In accordance with the budget constraints of their target demographic -- the kind that would, say, think nothing of departing a club for 20 seconds to pop by the Kedi for a quick beer -- drink prices at Not Me are low: bottles for 20rmb (Tsingtsao, Carlsberg, Bud), mixes for 30rmb (standard), Carlsberg draft for 40rmb.

Who's Going: Look for Not Me to figure into your future if you're a fan of the music (live or indie DJ) and are tired of going to the same clubs over and over again. Also expect to hang with the friends of whoever happens to be DJing that night, there supporting the home team. Their line up in the next few weeks sees the Banana bros, Baiju Robot, and appearances by organizers of Tourist parties yore.

They're also doing a 50rmb all you can drink night every Monday and Tuesday is 10rmb beers and mixers, so keep an eye out for that as well, binge drinker.
June 2009

21 Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
Taxi-Printout and Map

6433 0760

Daily 6pm-late

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