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Hi! I'm Hien – one of the Managing Directors at SmartShanghai. Welcome to our "About" page.

In addition to the main website, SmartShanghai has a lot of other side projects and tertiary deals on the go, as part of our rabid thirst for money, power, fame, and glory.

Have a look below at the other facets of our nefarious operations and scroll right to the bottom to see who's getting rich off this cash cow.

About Us
SmartShanghai provides daily updated listings of events, a full scale dining & nightlife directory, editorials, newsletters, housing classified, dating online, taxi printouts and interactive map for easy navigation in Shanghai. Our weekly newsletter SmartShanghai Weekly focus on the latest insider news, reviews and gossip.

Unlike a magazine, we update constantly on a day-to-day with the click of a button - the last word on everything in Shanghai and the first with the latest information - and so are the first (and often the only) media to catch the blossoming of that last-minute event (or that last-minute cancellation). We're the answer to the question that passes everyone's lips all too often "What's ON today?" We're always available - anywhere there's a net connection - well, there we are.

And at the risk of tooting our own horn, we're completely self-made. We're self-evolving and often 'off with the fairies' pondering new ideas so that we can continue to be the best we can be. As is sadly often the case though, the follow though requires a bit more sweat and arse-in-chair time. Just try and remember that everything you see on the site is created and managed by us.