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Did you know that SmartShanghai is the largest English language digital media in the world’s most populous alpha tiered city? In fact, we’re seen by an average of 70.000 people every week. I know. Wow!

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SmartShanghai is Shanghai's most sexy and often visited English-language webzine and city guide. Its irreverent and independent writing, comprehensive venue and event listings, and regularly updated content attracts over 70.000 unique visitors every week, over 270.000 per month.

For expats looking for the most up-to-date and reliable information and opinion about music, nightlife, restaurants, and the arts in Shanghai, SmartShanghai is an invaluable resource. Online advertising with us gives you the potential to broaden your reach and is directly targeted at your potential customers.


Our sophisticated software allows for different adverts according to the day of the week. Easy to use, clients can change banners themselves, as well as track views and clicks for each message.

Cost effective:

SmartShanghai offers highly targeted advertising options that allow you to focus solely on the specific consumers you're after. Our advertisers are smart, and leave the expensive, scatter-gun approach to others.

Wide reach:

Communicate with the socially active core of Shanghai's expats and English-speaking locals, as well as reach out to the many new residents and visitors that use SmartShanghai as their pre-arrival research tool.

Key Facts (SmartShanghai, November 2016):

  • Unique visitors per day: 14.000-16.000
  • Users per month: ~ 270,000
  • Sessions per month: ~ 600,000
  • Monthly Pageviews: ~ 2.500.000
  • Members: ~ 210.000
  • New members per month: ~ 2.500
  • Active newsletter subscribers: ~ 30.000

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