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Hey there. I’m Morgan – an underappreciated, lower management flesh-bot at I'll be uploading your event information.

Did you know that we receive.... I don't know.... 30ish event and promotion submissions a day?  

Please make sure you provide all the required information (COVER CHARGE) when submitting your events, and we’ll get those on there as soon as my game of internet hearts is finished.


No Guarantees

The submission of an event does not guarantee that it will be posted on the website. We retain the right to reject submissions.

What do we list ?

We list upcoming and ongoing events and promotions that are open to the public in Shanghai.

Listing charges

All listings for events and promotions are free of charge and independent of paid advertising. As such, they are qualified as “editorial content” and we retain the right to rewrite event submissions.

If you feel your event or promotion warrants greater exposure, please utilize our advertising options - get in touch here for rates and advertising plans.


From time to time, we require door passes or invitations to events for our event photographers or our blog editorial reviews.


Any questions or support please get in touch with us here.


Please use the form below to submit Events, Promotions, Deals, Exhibitions etc. to us

After you submitted this form, your event submission will be reviewed and eventually edited by our editorial team before they appear on the website. This usually takes 2-3 working days. You will receive a message from us once your listing has been published (or rejected). Please follow all instructions outlined on this page, as your event will get rejected otherwise.

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