Event Listings

Why can I only see events for the next 7 days?

SmartShanghai receives the majority of our event submissions just a few days prior to the event. Although event information is posted as soon as we recieve it, there simply isn't really anything confirmed for a period later than a week. If you are looking for more complete information, re-visit the website closer to when you are looking to plan a night out.

How can I add my event?

Easy. Simply submit your event to us through this form. Event listings are free of charge, and there's no guanxi needed to get your event up on SmSh.

How can I get my event up quicker?

The editorial team at SmartShanghai posts events information as soon as we recieve it, however, the easier you make our job for us the quicker your events get posted. If you send us exactly the information we need (short event description, start time, drink deals, cover charge) and we dont have to do follow-up emails back to you to confrim basic details, your event should appear on SmartShanghai within 24 hours.

Why do some events have a small preview pictures next to their name ?

Event listings with a little preview pictures are events that our editors recommend. This is unrelated to paid advertising and can't be bought, it really just depends if our editors like the event or not.

Can I get a preview picture?

We try to be fair and balanced with the preview pictures and the editor's picks, looking to recommend a fairly wide range of events. And if it looks like the promoter spent some time making a great flyer and putting together something interesting, odds are we would recommend it. If it looks like a fairly run-of-the-mill night at your club, odds are we wouldn't. .... And asking for a preview picture doesn't really translate into actually getting one.


Why hasn't my picture been confirmed yet?

Dating profiles and new pictures are all checked and uploaded manually, and so they can take between 12-36 hours to be approved depending on the time it was submitted. If it's been longer than 36 hours, something's gone wrong on our end. Please be patient, email us, and we'll find out what the problem is.

Why can't I see the user pictures of other members?

Before you can browse user pictures of other dating members you need to submit your own photo and wait for it to be approved.

I would like to delete my dating profile. How can I go about doing this?

You can easily remove your dating profile from SmartShanghai yourself. The link to do this is in the "Dating" box on the "MySmSh" page. Email us if you have any problems.


How do I change my user name?

Sorry, it's not possible to change your username -- only the original user name may be used in each account.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can easily unsubscribe yourself -- just open the newsletter and scroll down to the bottom. Here you will find a link entitled, "manage your subscription" and that takes you to a page where you can unsubscribe to the newsletter. Alternately, you can email us and we'll delete you from the list.

Can I delete my SmartShanghai account ?

Yes. We're sorry to see you leave, but hope you enjoyed your time with us. Here's the link to delete your account.

Venue Directory

I can't find anything, what's wrong ?

Our venue search is the easiest and quickest way to get venue information for over 5,000 restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, shops, etc in Shanghai. When you enter data into the search field, our system searches for all listings with a matching name. Using a "smart" (and self-developed) technology, it can even handel common misspellings and will find venue listings even if you've inputted the name of the place wrong. It does, however, not search in venue descriptions, so a search for "nice restaurant on the bund with inexpensive French food" won't find anything (unless it's the name of a restaurant) . If you are not looking for specific venue but just want to browse through our listing, click the big "browse" button on the top-right corner of the website, or click here to open the Venue Browse page.

Is there a Firefox Search plugin for searches?

Yes, click here to install it (works with Firefox only... of course).

I was looking for a certain venue but it doesn't seem to be listed on SmSh. Whats the deal with that?

New venues open up all the time and it's impossible to know about all of them. That's why we really appreciate it when you help us out and inform us about newly opened venues. Venue listings on SmartShanghai are free of charge, and new venue listings can be submitted to us here.

I found a venue in your listings that has been closed...

Venue owners usually do a good PR job when they open, but they wouldn't bother to tell anyone when they close down. We can't visit all the 5,000 listed venues on a regular basis, and so we really need input from our users if a venue that we've got listed is closed down. Please report this to us here.


How can I add a new listing?

Click here to add a new listing. You need to be a SmartShanghai member, but its free and doesn't take longer than two minutes to sign up. All listings on our housing section are free of charge.


The map doesn't load. Do I need to install any software ?

SmartShanghai maps work with all modern browsers (IE 7/8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome..). There is no extra software required. If you can't see the map, double check if you have "Javascript" turned on. It's turned on by default in all browsers, but it may be turned off manually.

I'm using Internet Explorer and there seem to be limitations

If you are still using Internet Explore 6 (you can find out by clicking on "About Internet Explorer" in the "File" menu) then you will not be able to use all features of SmartShanghai maps. You should be able to see the map, but no restaurants or other listings on the map. Basically, Internet Explorer 6 is an unsave, outdated browser and it's just too slow to handel the map properly. You should really upgrade to a new browser. Either install the latest verion of Internet Explorer (Version 8 is the latest as of this writing), or change to a good browser, we recommend either Firefox or Safari.

There are many streets missing on your map.

Yes, we know. We draw those maps ourselves, and unfortunately we don't have the resources to capture every single street and lane. That's why our map is limimted to major streets of Puxi and Pudong. We keep adding stuff, and we'd espcially apprecitate if you would help to identify wrong information on the map, but we are not trying to cover every small laneway. If you need a more detailed map, we still recommend you use Google's English language Shanghai map.

How can I add my business to the map

All listings that you see on the map (Restaurants, Bars etc) are pulled from our huge listings directly. Get your business listed through this link and we'll automatically add it to the map.

What software are you using for your map

SmartShanghai is using OpenLayers, an open source alternative to commercial maps such as Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.

General Questions

Where's the SmSh office ?

If you want to contact us, please use this form to get in touch.

Does SmartShanghai have a print magazine?

No, we don't have a print magazine .... but you never know what the future holds...

Is SmartShanghai available for other cities ?

The key to the longevity of SmartShanghai is our editorial content written by people who have been living in Shanghai a number of years. It's difficult to find people in other cities with the same experience, especially because we never come out from behind our computers to meet anyone.

Who's behind SmSh ?

Click here to see who the people are that make this site.

Are there internship posititions available ?

Yes! Absolutely! We are always looking for enthusiastic, open-minded, native English-speaking interns to support our editorial team. If you are interested please feel free to get in touch with us here. However, please note that the position is unpaid althought interns leave SmSh with a wealth of new life skillz.

Are there job posititions available ?

Yes, we have an open position for a Sales Manager, more information here.