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Hi! I'm Alex, one of the founders of this site.

Currently, we have listings for over 6,000 restaurants, clubs, stores, and other various venues around . We use a sophisticated search algorithm that enables users to reach the venues they’re looking for, even if they spell the name wrong in our search field. That’s pretty neat. Have a look below to see how you can get your venue listed.



The submission of your venue information does not guarantee that it will be posted on the website. We retain the right to reject submissions.

What do we list ?

We list venues in that fall into one of the following categories: Nightlife, Dining, Stage, Art, Business, Education, Wellbeing, Sports, Recreation, Shopping, Travel, Sightseeing and Services.

Listing charges

All venue listings are free of charge and independent of paid advertising. As such, they are qualified as “editorial content” and we retain the right to rewrite event submissions.

If you feel your event or promotion warrants greater exposure, please utilize our advertising options - get in touch here for rates and advertising plans.


Any questions or support please get in touch with us here.

SUBMIT A VENUE venue listings contain general information about the venue, such as addresses and opening hours, plus additional information written by our editorial staff. Listings are free of charge, and submission usually take 1-2 weeks. See an example of a venue listing here.

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