Hi! I'm Alex, one of the founders of this site and the main web developer.

Currently, we have listings for over 6,000 restaurants, clubs, stores, and other various venues around Shanghai and Beijing. We use a sophisticated search program that enables users to reach the venues they’re looking for, even if the spell the name wrong in our search field. That’s pretty neat.

Have a look below to see how you can get your venue listed.

Apply for a venue listing on SmartShanghai

Venue listings include restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, shops, hotels, hospitals, and other service-orientated businesses. Listings contain general information about the venue, such as addresses and opening hours, plus additional information written by the editorial staff of SmartShanghai.

See two examples of how we list venues here (Shanghai) or here (Beijing).

Please choose a pricing model below to submit your listing to us.
If you have any questions regarding Premium or Gold listings please contact our sales team here.

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  • Venue Pictures Included

    Our photographer will visit your venue and take professional pictures at a pre-arranged time. See footnotes for copyright details

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    Whenever there's a problem with your venue listing you may contact our Listings Manager and we'll help you update your listing

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    Listing events and promotions on our site is free of charge, but it usually takes several days for events to be uploaded

  • Party Pictures (Clubs)

    We host Shanghai's best party pictures. This gives you a guaranteed amount of galleries we'll be taking at your club

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    Paid banner advertisement is the most effective way to promote restaurants and bars in Shanghai. This is a 1 week trial

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    Our job listings are great way of finding internationally-minded new professionals. Listings usable anytime within 1 year

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    Prices in RMB including tax (VAT) for a new listing to the site. Services included are valid for 1 year. No contractual requirements

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  • 4.400 rmb

  1. Uploading Time: Basic information will be listed with 2-3 work days (Premium Listing) or same day (Gold Listings) if that day is a working day. Additional information such as the editors description or venue pictures will be added successively. Editors descriptions are editorial content and written by our editors based on their views of your venue. We don't accept any requests for changes to our descriptions.
  2. Venue Pictures (Premium): A SmartShanghai photographer will take pictures of the venue within 4 weeks after the submission of the listing to us. The copyright of the images will remain with SmartShanghai, original files will not be given to the client. We retain the right to refuse photography if the venue management ist not supportive in finding a convenient time for the photo shoot or is unsupportive in arranging the venue to be prepared for professional pictures.
  3. Venue Pictures (Gold): The client will have the copyright of the images and can use them for other publications. The client will receive the original high-resolution images with basic retouching.
  4. Support: Phone support is available Mon-Fri 10am-6pm except on public holidays.
  5. Event submissions: SmartShanghai retains the right to reject submissions. Event listings qualify as “editorial content” and will always be rewritten.
  6. Banner advertisement trial: 1 week of "Big Box" banner advertisement on our homepage. Single booking price: 2100rmb. Can be booked at any time. Banners are subject to our requirements. See our Media Kit for detail. We retain the right to refuse ugly banners