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  • I couldn’t wait to go to Pasha´s new location exactly in front of the older one. To be fair, the new place is much bigger and sophisticated, but the previous venue was “one of those cozy places” you always want to come back. Every time I visited it made me feel like I was having a meal at some friend’s house. Located in Nanchang road, it is not a place where you will frequently go since it is not situated in a dining hub like others around the city. However, if you are into Turkish food, you definitely know what I am talking about.

    The menu is very complete and you have a wide variety of starters and mains to choose. The dessert part is not that extensive but is pretty interesting as well. I went with my husband after a theater play we had at the Shanghai Culture Square in Fuxing lu and Shanxi lu. Actually the plan turned out to be really convenient since Pasha is a 2 minutes’ walk from the Theater and their last order is at 10.30 pm – is quite hard to find this late night cravings around the city.

    The new place is quite different regarding distribution. In the first floor they set a more relaxed atmosphere with a bar and some seats to grab a first drink and get into a chill mood while waiting for your friends. Later, you go up to the second floor for a seated dinner. Straightly talking about the food, Pasha never disappoints. We started with a delicious homemade “Muhammara” (mix of walnuts, olive oil, red pepper paste, pomegranate sauce and spices) and a “Lahmacun”. The last one consists of Turkish flat bread topped with minced lamb meat, tomatoes and onions and it is one of my favorites, the taste is balanced and the bread crispy, as it is oven made. For main dish, we decided to go for a new dish we haven’t tried before: the “Beyti Kebabi” to share. Best decision ever! This dish was full of cooking love itself! It combines the best of Turkish cuisine in one dish and in such a well-adjusted way: minced meat skewer baked in the oven with cheese, rolled in lavash bread with a glorious sauce of yoghurt, tomato and pistachios. We didn't get to the dessert but I highly recommend trying the baklava.

    Overall, the service was really good, the waitresses are very kind, the food service was in time and the relation price-quality is perfect. I feared that changing the venue would also mean a change in the homemade style and quality ingredients of the food; I was totally wrong since we had an enjoyable dining experience! I will definitely come back and I totally recommend it.

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