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  • Arriving to the venue while the wellcome music that was sounding was salsa and merengue definitely transported me to Latin America. The ambient and decoration is very accurate as well. Additionally, you have the plus of being next to the pool, the masterpiece of the newly developed Columbia Circle.

    Once again with my partner in crime, he head there for a late lunch around 3 pm (yes, we have issues regarding eating at a “regular” time). We order lemonade that was superb. The precise amount of lemon and sugar to get the balance was absolutely perfect. Actually we order one more because we couldn’t stop drinking! I was so surprised since I haven’t had good lemonade in a long time. And you will think, why are you writing so much about a lemonade? Ok, here is the explanation: as I always say, the easiest and simplest sometimes is the hardest to achieve in the culinary world. Even the simplest dishes or drinks require the same passion as the most complicated ones... you may think lemonade is very easy to make. Wrong. A good lemonade requires balance and love.

    Let’s keep going. The menu includes all the important ingredients that a Latin menu must have: beans, pork, empanadas, salsa, chipotle, guacamole, corn, potatoes, chorizo, milanesa, and so on.

    We ordered 2 full sandwiches. I really like the option you can choose to either have “half portion” or “full portion”, because you get to taste different things. Our choices were El Cubano and Cemitas in the full version and half Medianoche. The Cubano was amazing, super tasty with the acidity of the mustard and pickles, the softness of the cheese and the tenderness of the pork. The Medianoche was also so yummy with the mortadella, cheese and the croqueta!

    Nevertheless, the star sandwich for us – unanimous verdict this time- was the Cemitas. Taking into account my roots, I can’t avoid ordering something that has milanesa (fried breaded beef, like a beef schnitzel instead of pork). Between burger buns, the milanesa is impeccably accompanied by caramelized onions, french fries (yes! French fries inside! Insanely lovely!), ham, avocado and melted cheese. You would say “all that in a single sandwich”? Messy? Yes, beautifully messy, and so well chosen to be together in that bun of love... I got romantic I know, but it was soooo good, trust me!

    Stepping to the service evaluation, it was good but after the manager took over our order since the first waiter that approached us was really nervous -and we tried to order in Chinese but still. I don’t blame it though; we are in a non-English speaking country.

    Prices are reasonable, the place is very clean and the atmosphere is animated. Totally value to go and have some Latin flavors!

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    Delfina joined the Argentinean Foreign Service in 2012, and was posted to the General Consulate in 2016. Her hobbies are taking photos, traveling and cooking all sort of dishes. She aims someday to open a small restaurant based in organic, regional and self farmed ingredients.
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