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  • I'm a big fan of Poke Bowls being the latest food craze. They're healthy, filling and flavorful. I often pop into Little Catch Poke Cafe for lunch or dinner as it's close to my office, and I always leave feeling pretty good. The restaurant is super casual, and you order at the counter before going to sit wherever you like. I think it'd be a good spot for groups most nights as it's usually most crowded during the lunch rush. If you stick to just one thing on the menu, the average price is RMB 60-70 for a dish. It can get a little pricey if you're like me--always adding extra avocado and throwing in a coconut water (RMB 20) I probably don't need.

    My two favorite poke bowls are the Salmon Guacapoke (RMB 75) and the Hawaiian Tuna (RMB 60). The flavor combo of tuna, soy, ginger, onion, fried garlic, roe, scallions, and cashews makes me happiest, but Guacapoke is just fun to say when you order it. There are really no bad choices at Little Catch Poke Cafe. The seafood is always fresh, and I always leave here feeling like I did something good for my body even if I end up grabbing one of those Strictly Cookies (RMB 12) they leave up at the counter.

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