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  • Still with my family in town we wanted to have some good italian dinner. I decided for Goodfellas since in my opinion it is the most authentic Italian restaurant in Shanghai. Tight, cozy and stylish venue located in the bund but isolated enough to have your own private dinner far from the crowds. You have to book to get a table. If you are around the bund and you jump in, it is always full. We made the reservation for 7.30pm and our table was ready.

    A very remarkable detail of Goodfellas is their wide sense of courtesy and compliments to the guests. This is an aspect not easy to find around in the gastronomic world. For example, for welcoming they will serve you a prosecco glass. Later, different sorts of recently baked warm breads, like focaccia stlye and others filled with tomato or onion, and also marinated tomato and cucumber bruschettas. In the end, you will get dark chocolate truffles and almond cookies as well. And, guess what? All this as compliments. Isn’t this smart? Absolutely. Not only everything is homemade -and free, but also is a way of keeping the clienteles pleased having extra “items” they won’t expect. I find it amazing.

    Our waitress was Chinese but spoke perfect english –which was so relaxing for us, but the most notable aspect was her excellent knowledge and dedication of the service. She was delicate, changed cutlery, filled up the glasses, smiley all the time and even managed to adapt one dish to our requirements. Definitely this made our dinning experience very enjoyable.

    First we went trough the routine of wine and sparkling water as usual and then we started by sharing a burrata with parma ham. Finally a burrata that tastes like actual burrata! After that, we chose caprese gnocchi, fetuccini with seafood sauce, truffle risotto and mushroom truffle ravioli. Don't ask me how, but I managed to try all of the dishes. All of them were spectacular with no exception. The key is the Italian chef in the kitchen and the use of high quality ingredients, with both factors nothing can go wrong. Sorry guys we didn't make it to desserts this time.

    Delicious food, gentle staff and efficient service. Bund prices but not as high as if you seat in a restaurant with a first row bund view. I entirely recommend it and if you are up for some after-office drinks before, I would suggest stepping firstly to the Fellas Terrace in the 7th floor next door while waiting for your table and get a skyline sightseeing.

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    Delfina joined the Argentinean Foreign Service in 2012, and was posted to the General Consulate in 2016. Her hobbies are taking photos, traveling and cooking all sort of dishes. She aims someday to open a small restaurant based in organic, regional and self farmed ingredients.
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