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  • Siu Loon Fung has a couple of outposts around town delivering unfussy, uncomplicated Hong Kong-style cooking. This is a Chinese cuisine that isn’t too well represented on the low-end of Shanghai dining, so this place’s authentic flavors and wallet-friendly pricing – with dishes rarely breaking the RMB 50 mark – make it well worth a mention.

    It’s crowded, colorful and can get a little loud, with a wide-ranging menu. All of this make it most ideal for a quick solo lunch or snack, as well as for less hurried small groups who can split a few dishes. The atmosphere feels like that of an authentic, gritty Hong Kong diner, with a lot of cultural nods in the décor like movie posters, classic HK street signs and even an old-school tape deck, as well as a Cantonese pop soundtrack on the stereo. It’s a fun place.

    The cheap and cheerful city vibes are reflected in the food too. Think roast duck over rice, pineapple buns and fried instant noodles rather than dim sum, opulence and afternoon tea.

    It’s no-frills, then, with a cooking style that is basic but hits all the right sweet-and-salty notes that this food should. Personal go-to’s are their roast meats over rice - Roast Duck (RMB 39) and BBQ Pork (RMB 42), both pictured. It’s these that you’ll see hanging behind a window near the entrance, tempting you further in. The duck leg tends a little towards the dry, but it’s made up for by the succulent breast meat. It’s hard to say much about meat over rice except that it tastes really, really good and makes for an ideal fuss-free fill-up. Same goes for the fried instant noodles and fatty beef in XO Sauce (RMB 42), also pictured.

    Beyond that, the menu is vast, serving everything from simple veggie stir-fries to myriad variations on fried noodles and a few classic Canto favorites – pineapple buns, char siu pork buns and the like (both RMB 10). They do proper milk tea, too, which is a nice touch.

    In all, it’s a great spot to hit up if you’re craving these flavors but don’t feel like anything fancy, or just want to grab a simple lunch in a place with a bit of atmosphere.

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