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  • There are two locations of Beef and Liberty.  I like the newest one in Xiangyang road but every time I am close to the one in the Shanghai Center I can’t avoid having a burger there. This location is smaller, cozier and quieter. It makes me feel like I am somewhere in the US.

    Reviewing a hamburger is not easy because there are lots of facts involved -yeah, and opinions/tastes; however I am pretty sure that we all agree that it is one of the best burger joints in town. In my case, it is my favorite. Let me tell you why:

    The burger:  not huge, not small, it has the perfect size. You don't end up full like you can’t speak or walk out the restaurant.  I had the cheese burger and my partner in crime the bacon cheese burger. The patty is tasty, juicy and again, perfectly sized. The buns are exquisite and soft - I dislike when the bread gets all threshed and also when you can’t hold the burger and bite it because it’s bigger than your mouth. The bacon is crispy –this is fundamental- and the quality of cheese is exceptional, you can tell by the way it melts.

    The fries: you can choose to upgrade to sweet potatoes but I am more of an old fashion when it comes to fries so I stick to the classic ones. Crunchy and just enough to cover the portion of potatoes of the day, they are yummy yummy.

    The staff is courteous and always remembers to ask how you want your meat cooked. Whenever I am craving a burger, undoubtedly I go to Beef and Liberty.

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