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  • I have a long standing appreciation for all of the Shanghai Funkas. When Funka del Sur popped up, I was elated to find all of my South American favorites on the menu. I always get a ceviche clasico (RMB 45) and alfajores (RMB 20) for dessert. You really can’t go wrong on their menu, and you really can’t go wrong on their various deals throughout the week. During the week until 8pm, delicious drinks are on the menu for RMB 50 and under. When I found out they have a RMB 100 all-you-can-eat meat and cheese deal, however, I decided to test it out for myself.

    My friend and I arrived hungry with dreams of the manager coming over to say, “Sorry, you aren’t allowed to order any more meat and cheese.” That never happened. The friendly staff refilled our boards promptly every time. We made it through four rounds before tapping out. We felt like we did the best we could, but we really expected better of ourselves. Overall, we certainly got our money’s worth for a Monday. With great food, deals, and music, Funka del Sur is exactly what Jing’an needs. May their food and drink deals continue to keep us full and happy for a long time!

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    Emily Gant has lived around the world in Ecuador, Chile, Indonesia and Tonga. She enjoys rooftop cocktails and showing up to events on time. Emily also does amateur stand-up comedy in Shanghai where she's funny 30% of the time.
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