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  • WHO says ice cream is only for the summer season? The true gelato lovers are loyal all year round, like me. Let’s start with one of my favorite shops: DE MEDICI.

    A tiny space in the middle of Yan’An half block from The Bund. It’s not difficult to spot as it is the only ice cream shop in the area. When it first opened in that isolate location I was skeptical about their sales, but I might have been wrong since I had to queue for my fisrt ince cream there. Small but cute with a window facing the street, is a walk by option worth to stop.

    Had the cone –of course- which was very tasty. This seems a silly detail but a yummy cone is very important for the entire experience and it is not easy to find a cone that actually tastes like it should and not like paperboard. Two scoops –of course- caramel and stracciatella, made my day. Flavor, yes! Creamy, yes! Finally a good ice cream full of taste. You can tell these are crafted and homemade ice creams and not the industrialized ones like the popular brands you can find in supermarkets or convenience stores.

    Nothing more to add, just go down there and have a premium gelato.

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