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    The Beef: When I first starting writing SmartReviews, this was the first restaurant I wanted to write about. But I didn’t, because I knew I would be too biased. If I were to call myself a regular at any restaurant in Shanghai, this would be it (I don’t even live in the neighborhood. But I do know plenty of hoodrats who treat it like their own back kitchen).

    Why? This place feels like home. The staff is welcoming, food is authentic (in a good way), drinks are solid, prices are affordable, and most importantly, people here are fun. The food is reliable - you know what you’re going to get. Their pizza is made in the giant brick oven out back. It's thinner- still dough-y and chewy but you still get a crispy crust. You can taste the difference in the freshness of the ingredients. Aperol spritzes here are made with love. You seriously can’t go wrong here.

    The Gang: Plenty of good lookin’ people. You can come here in your workout gear or dressed up in your best LBD, you’ll still fit right in. I would come here for a date, I would come here with a group of friends. Oh, and of course, then there’s the Italians. That’s how you know this place is authentic…and “fair with the prices”. Eh! Baci a tutti!

    The Motive: So many! Aperitivo. Aperol Spritzes. Buy one get one Sunday pizza night. 50RMB all burratas on Thurs nights. 40RMB all pastas on Wed nights. 1kg Tomahawk steak deal on Mon nights. Just to stop in and say hi to Jerry, the friendliest bartender in town. Aperol Spritzes. (As the Chinese say, important things must be said three times!)

    The Damage: Beers and cocktails around 40RMB. Small bites starting from 38RMB, 12” Pizzas from 75RMB. Dinner and drinks for two around 200-250RMB.

    The Down n’ Dirty: Decent, clean. No fuss, no muss.

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SmartReviews is SmartShanghai’s crack squad of amateur reviewers, eating their way around the city and writing about it. They have been chosen from a large pool of applicants and given a set of strict guidelines to follow to make sure their reviews are honest, informed and fair to both potential customers and the restaurants themselves.

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