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  • When a colleague told me that Jia Jia Tang Bao was THE famous place to eat xiao long bao –dumplings- in Shanghai and that even people from Hong Kong would come to queue for a meal, I thought he was exaggerating. I must say: “not at all”.

    I went to the Huangehe road location on a cold rainy day to avoid making the line but still there it was, a long line standing under the rain. The house specialty is the pork dumpling, which of course it was sold out when I got there. A little disappointed we ordered crab-filled instead and crab mixed with pork. Did I say disappointed? Hell, NO! They were delicious and no kidding, the best ones I have had so far in China. Super juicy and tasty. Veeeery tasty. Of course, the ambience is a classical Chinese street restaurant: few seats, busy and bustling atmosphere, no heat, small tables, fogged windows, open kitchen cooking non- stop, people coming and going…It is an experience by itself.

    If you want to try real homemade and fresh dumplings, certainly this is the place. Be patient to queue and to eat them…they come right away in the bamboo steamer from the kitchen to the table!

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    Delfina joined the Argentinean Foreign Service in 2012, and was posted to the General Consulate in 2016. Her hobbies are taking photos, traveling and cooking all sort of dishes. She aims someday to open a small restaurant based in organic, regional and self farmed ingredients.
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