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  • Sukiyaki: Japanese hot pot style, sweet taste and lovely dish for these winter days. Went there with my office mates and would recommend it for big groups since you can share a pot every three persons. What I mostly like about this experience is the “cook it yourself” kind of way of eating and the relaxed environment around it. You get really entertained while chatting with your friends and throwing things to the boiling broth. Careful, it is not for impatient people, you have to wait until the food cooks and it is quite hot.

    How does it work? Easy: throw the veggies/meat/whatever else you ordered in the pot, wait until is cooked, dip your picks in a small bowl of raw beaten eggs and finally straight to your mouth. The touch of the eggs mixed with the sweetness of the broth is an amazing combination.

    There are different options of sets to choose which includes a wide variety of vegetables, meat, seafood, noodles, etc. non-stop for 90 minutes (full menu option for 168 RMB including soft drinks). Nice deal, definitely recommended!

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