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  • Where does one begin with an intro to dining at Chef Stefan Stiller’s Tai'an Table, that's tucked away off of Zhenning Lu.

    One has to ring the doorbell to gain access to the venue, once inside you are greeted by the service team and given a choice of either sitting at a table or at the bar counter, we opted for the bar counter with a sideways view of the kitchen to witness the action that's unfurling.

    Once seated the Paton, Chef Stiller greets you and explains the concept and menu set before you along with basics of the evening, nothing is rushed, we opt for the 12-course menu which starts to flow with nibbles along with an amuse-bouche, each dish set before one, is flawless in its presentation and the delicate balance of each morsel is reflected in the flavour of each dish.

    Doing something genuinely authentic in a city such as Shanghai can be tricky. It’s not obvious how much sharper you can be when everyone around you is trying to be so cutting edge (sic). With Tai'an Table, now on menu number 19 since their opening, demonstrates that their seasonally focused plates are precise and meaningful, personally, small portions do not bother me.

    Frankly speaking, Tai’an Table is worthy of more than just the one Michelin star that the venue has been given, for it’s not just the food where the venue excels, it’s the whole experience of seeing craftsmen at work, and obviously enjoying their work.

    Food 5 / 5

    Atmosphere 5 /5

    Service 5 /5

    Price truly value for money for that special celebration

    Overall 5 / 5 pity one can't give more

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