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  • Flavor: We ordered the miso soup, tuna salad, and multiple sushi platters, which were all extremely fresh and delicious. Out of all the sushi, I highly recommend their signature platter, the foie gras sushi, which is what I can only describe as an explosion of fatty tenderness and juicy flavors in your mouth. The salmon caviar sushi, which bursts into flavors of savory delight, is also highly worth your money.

    Location: Located in the center of foodie heaven on Wuding Road, this big store front with red lanterns hanging out front is hard to miss.

    Vibe: Decorated like a traditional Japanese sushi joint out front, with a long bar table inside giving you a full view of the sushi-making action, this place gives off an open and inviting vibe. I’ve been told that the place is always pretty crowded due to their amazing taste (we came after the typical lunch hour and still had to wait around 20 minutes for a table), so it can feel a bit crowded inside. There are more traditional Japanese style seating divided into private booths further in, if you’re looking for the authentic Japanese dining experience.

    Crowd: Mix of local and international. During lunch, a lot of white-collars working around the area come in for a quick bite. I don’t think they take reservations (during rush hours at least) so definitely plan your visit ahead and be prepared to wait!

    Service: Swift and professional.

    The $$: 100 RMB/ person more or less depending on what type sushi you order. Do note that this place is CASH ONLY (very rare nowadays, but that doesn’t stop the crowds from coming), so don’t forget to bring cash!

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