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  • This was my second visit to Together for dinner. The first time was during the soft opening and it was not disappointing at all. I was amazed how perfectly every detail was planned and how smooth was the service in such an ambitious culinary project, preceded by the people behind The Commune Social.

    This time the experience was different. The seating plan changed, the tables are much closer to each other. The service wasn't smooth and the food was't astonishing like the previous time. Went with my partner in crime and had the braised octopus, the tuna tartare and the oxtail bone marrow for starters. For mains, we shared the roasted truffle chicken and the grilled salmon on miso sauce. I have to highlight that you can choose half or full portions of the mains which is very convenient so you get a taste of everything.

    The verdict: not awesome not bad, a sort of 马马虎虎 in Chinese –so, so-. The tuna tartar was a little savorless, the homemade gnocchi’s that come along with the bone marrow were overcooked and the chicken and salmon average. The sides - potatoes and brussels sprouts- were slightly dry as well. The desserts were okay, homemade gelato and a blueberry tart -you can choose any portion of tart/cake you would like from the desserts table.

    The place is really well designed since you have several options for seating: a bar facing the kitchen, the general salon and a private one -although now the tables are much close in the general area. The style is minimal, the lighting is very appropriate but a bit noisy.

    I guess Together is a successful restaurant as you may see is always full, but don't get relaxed guys, keeping the quality of the food –specially the flavors- and the service, in a long term basis, is the most difficult task in the gastronomic world.

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