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  • Miss Fu in Chengdu is a Sichuan joint specializing in chuan chuan - small, usually spicy skewers delivered your table in a bowl of potent chili oil. Great drinking food, especially if you’re into heat.

    The place always seems to have a big queue. Like, at least an hour or two. What you need to do is hit up Dianping and get a number in advance a couple hours before you want to eat. Then, you can get a drink at Stone or The Cannery down the street and roll up 10 minutes before your number is due to come up (that's if you're hitting the Yuyuan Lu branch; there are a few around town). 

    When you make it in, you’ll be rewarded with addictive spicy skewers and an atmosphere that’s probably the closest to an old-school street-food shaokao spot that you can get while being indoors, spread over three small floors.

    You basically pick by the skewer a range of meats, vegetables, tofu, and whatever else you can think of, plus maybe some noodles if you need something a bit more filling. The dan dan mian are solid enough, as are the rice noodles. Everything is pretty cheap per skewer, but you obviously want at least one per-type per-person. Still, you’re not likely to be looking at much more than RMB 100 per head, even with beers (which you’ll definitely want). The menu is all in Chinese.

    Beware of the spiciness – there are options starting from No Spice to Minimal Spice and then all the way up, but they seem to be really using the real Chengdu scale here. We went for wei la, third up the list from the bottom, and it was already more than some would be able to handle. If that sounds like fun, then this is the place for you.

    It’s very simple food, not much in the way of finesse, but Miss Fu in Chengdu packs a lot of flavor and is a great option for fun, communal dining. Once you finally get a table.


    Price: Around RMB 100 per person

    Summary: Lively, always packed Sichuan spot specializing in chuan chuan, or spicy skewers. Good for chili junkies, small beer-fueled group dinners, and off-beat date for couples into spicy Chinese food.

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