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  • Juyan Huton BBQ is a well-known Taiwanese BBQ. I’ve eaten there previously for dinner and have never left disappointed, although my wallet was considerably lighter. This time I gave it a try for lunch.

    The lunch menu is limited to a few different sets that they cook in the kitchen. I went with the beef lunch set, which is listed for 218 rmb on the menu, but if you order through the dianping app, you can get it for 128 rmb.

    It includes a salad, soup, a boiled egg, a seaweed salad, a pudding dessert, soft drink, veggies and a good-sized mound of sliced beef. The beef was really, really good and I would rate all of the other sides as above average. I left feeling full and satisfied.

    While it’s often hard to get a reservation for dinner, the place was completely empty at lunch. With more staff than customers, the attention and service was excellent. And sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet time.

    I still think it’s a bit too pricey for an everyday type of lunch, but if you are in the area and looking to splurge a bit, I would recommend it.

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