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    The Beef: This restaurant has been around for a few years but I’ve only been here a handful of times. Yet every time I do visit, I wonder why I don’t eat here more often.

    First, the restaurant only has a few small tables which ensures service is friendly and attentive (actually, not always a given). The space is well-decorated and clean – and never seems to get too rowdy or crowded.

    More importantly, the food is simple and well-prepared with quality ingredients, and feels a bit like home-style Thai cooking (although I have yet to find a really “authentic” Thai restaurant in Shanghai). Staples like the papaya salad and stir fry morning glory were on point. The green curry was fantastic, with the perfect spicy kick. The pad thai was a bit too flavorful (overpowered with too much sweet & spicy sauce) in my opinion, as was the salmon “salad”. The name was a bit misleading, as the dish was actually composed of cooked salmon bits (nice and hot) mixed with parsley, slightly swimming in sweet & spicy sauce. Still good dishes, and we left nothing on the table, scraping those plates clean.

    The Gang: Small groups of 2 or 4. There’s not space for big groups as the space is tiny (ahem, cozy). For bigger groups, go to their Dagu Lu location.

    The Motive: Intimate dinner w a gf, maybe a date if you don’t mind your date convo being overheard by the other diners.

    The Damage: 300RMB for 2 - lots of food, no drinks which significantly lowered the total. Still, great value and extremely well-priced for quality Thai food.

    The Down n’ Dirty: High points for cleanliness, but the toilet flush wasn’t fully functional then (perhaps some downtime in between flushes is required).

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