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  • Have you ever had Tex-Mex food before in the United States? The standard combos of 

    ...savory/spicy chicken/pork/beef meat + cheese + peppers + onions + beans + rice in a tortilla/burrito/over a salad? 

    Good, then you know exactly what Pistolera is. Will surprise absolutely no one with the dishes on the menu, and it doesn't need to. The food is solid, the portions are large, the atmosphere is fine, and there's salsa dancing on Thursday nights. The terrace is woefully underutilized, and that's really the biggest highlight of the location. A terrace of this size, in a location like this, with food at this price point, is really something to be appreciated. Go with a group and have after-work drinks on the terrace. Go for a date and enjoy almost total seclusion. Host a party and invite all your friends. Just do something to justify this huge terrace's existence. 

    ...oh yeah the food. I'm writing about the food. 

    Like I said, exactly what you would expect, nothing more, nothing less. The quesadillas are savory, cheese, a little oily and completely satisfying. The chicken fajitas are full of flavor and the peppers and onions are grilled to soft, satisfying perfect. The tortillas aren't made in the basement by a 60-year old grandfather hand cranking the maize grinder, and you know what, they're just fine. The nachos are huge and fully loaded, without skimping on the cheese...perhaps one of the best nachos in town. The drinks ok maybe the cocktails aren't that good. At least the mojito is not my favorite in town, but that's the only one I've tried. 

    If you're looking for this style of food, but with a upscale or creative twist, go to Maya. If you want this style of food while killing a few beers and watching sports and pushing no boundaries whatsoever, come to Pistolera. 

    Lunch sets are very reasonable, so you'll end up paying somewhat less than 100 CNY per person. Off-lunch hours are slightly pricier. There are good daily specials (BOGO quesadillas, cheap taco Tuesdays etc.) but you'll need make sure about the hours because many of them are time-limited. 

    Go enjoy the balcony and kill some cheesey beany meaty carbs friend. If that's what you were in the mood for, Pistolera will certainly make you happy. 

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